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Agrana Brčko Sugar Refinery


Projecting, programming, delivery, assemblage and setting into motion of plant for steam production– Boiler 30 t/h steam



- Finishing of the existing PLC program and system for visualization of the plant for steam production in StudenAgran Factory.

- Delivery of new PC operating cell with 19’’ monitor with minimal characteristics: 2GHz dual core, 1GB RAM, HDD 100Gb, HMI Software (WiCC v7.0) and license for HMI software for OS cell.

- To align working algorithm of the existing PLC program with the technological P&D diagram and control sequences.

- Modify software regulators in PLC program so as to existing SIPART regulators could be scrapped.

- Managing with spreader rollers (3 pieces) change in the sense that controlling is done individually instead of the current group control with all three drives at the same time.

- Modify the communication with PROFIBUS with filter plant (s7-200 PLC with installed EM277 commanding processor).

- Modify the communication with PROFIBUS with DCS Sugar Plant system (EMERSON Delta V). Modify the communication just by the boiler through the DP/DP caplers.

- Programme the two ways of reacting in case of loss of main power supply. Distinguish normal work and repair work.

- Add controlling system with three new ash carriers.

- Add controlling system with machine for coal spacing in coal bunker.

- Modify the connection with Diamond cabinet (new system with self-control) on the boiler.

- Add the two-way working possibility for spreader plant. The plant in local mod control without holding.

- Secondary ID fan will be controlled with new frequency regulator through PROFIBUS.

- Do the HMI application into WinCC v7.0.

- Do the HMI application on two languages (English and Bosnian).


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